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Crane Terminology

Links to useful overhead crane, hoist, gantries and pillar crane terminology.

We have listed the section below alphabetically. All you need to know about cranes, hoists, swing jib cranes and how they work.


Articulated Jib Crane / Knuckle Jib Crane

Base Grouting Around Crane Columns.

Breakdowns And Hoist Repairs

Buzz Bar For Cranes and Power Supply 

Crane Base Ground Anchors and Cones

Crane Collision Avoidance or Anti Collision Systems

Crane Financing 

Crane Training. Be Safe and Qualified

Demag DC COM Action Hoist

Demag DMR Wire Rope Hoist Ultra Low Headroom Rope Hoist

Demag Replacement Pendant DC COM

Donati DMK Hoist

Double Girder or Twin Beam Cranes

End Carriages (or Bogies) for Cranes; What Are They.

End Stops For Hoist Travel

FAQ’s About Overhead Cranes

Finance for Cranes

Free Standing Crane Steelwork; all you need to know.

Foundations For Cranes and Ground Anchor Frames.

Goliath Crane and Semi Goliath Cranes

Ground Anchors and Oversized Base Plates for Donati Jibs 

Jib Crane Common Questions

Jib Crane Installing, Testing and Commissioning

Jib Crane Slewing Limits

Knee Joints For Cranes

Monorail Crane 

Overhead Cranes Explained

Powered Slew Jib Cranes

Radio Remote Control For Cranes

Report Of Thorough Examination and Service

Safe Use Of Overhead Cranes, Hoists And Swing Jib Cranes 

Servicing overhead crane; crane service

Single Girder Cranes

Site Map

Site Survey

Stahl Electric Chain Hoist With Headroom Chart 

Steelwork For Cranes Explained

Steel Work Faults; by others not us

Stooled Up Overhead Gantry Crane

Street Wire Rope Hoist 


Training in the safe use of crane operating

Under notched crane beams

Videos Of Crane Application

Wall Mounted Jib Crane 

Which crane is suitable for my factory?