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New and refurbished used overhead cranes and re-worked gantry crane systems in stock. We also manufacture new cranes and new free standing supporting crane steel work.


Search below, by size, make or manufacturer or condition to find the perfect overhead gantry crane for your workshop.

Overhead Cranes Fact and Fiction.

AG Cranes can supply and install new and second hand overhead travelling cranes for all applications. We offer excellent quality solutions overhead cranes from 250kg capacity up to 50,000kg on a regular basis, and can also provide larger capacities on request.

The Range.

Most importantly we offer single and double girder crane applications to suit your requirements, because matching your needs and requirements within the required price range is paramount to us.

New Cranes.

All our new cranes can be manufactured bespoke and tailored to your exact requirements, in addition we can also make alterations to our second hand stock cranes by shortening them to suit your required span.

Meeting your requirements.

Our engineers are happy to talk through your requirements and even carry out site visits and offer full drawings.

Types of Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes, or EOTC’s.

Single girder cranes: the most common type and most importantly the cheapest option. Also easier to install.

Double girder cranes: Often for larger safe working loads 15 tonnes and over, or for wider crane spans.

Free standing cranes or wall mounted on knee joints.

Overhead Cranes Brands.

Sell stock Demag Cranes, Street Cranes, Stahl Cranes , Balkancar Podem Cranes (BCP,) Morris Cranes, Konecranes, Verlinde, and Abus Cranes.

Installation and test of an Overhead Crane:

The installation of an overhead gantry crane can be just a simple new crane on the clients existing crane runway beams, or a completely new free-standing structure giving more flexibility especially if you do not own the building.

A typical 5 tonne overhead crane spanning 12 meters with 24 meters of down shop free standing steel work will take 2 days to install and test.

Overhead cranes for sale