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Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

On certain occasions your factory will need a jib attached to an existing column, rather then bolted into the floor. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes can be a cheaper option, in general.

We offer a range of Donati wall mounted jibs; over-braced with a C type channel, over-braced with an I-beam or under-braced. These come in sizes 63kg, up to 2 tonne. The length can be from 2m to 7m, depending on the safe working load (SWL).

wall mounted jib crane

These can be provided with fixing stirrups and bolt groups. The size of your existing beam can be from 200mm up to 750mm. If you can have this information handy at time of enquiry, we can make this as accurate for you on your quote.

Fixing stirrups

The lead time on these items is currently 4-6 weeks. They are for indoor use only, however we can paint these to be suitable for outdoor use. If you have any other questions we can answer these for you.

If a wall mounted jib crane is something that you are currently looking for, please give us a call or email and we will be happy to quote you the best option for you.

Occasionally we get in used wall mounted jibs- if we have any in stock they will be in our search area.  

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