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Buzz Bar For Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes.

We sell and stock 100amp conductor bar power feed systems for overhead traveling cranes or; bus bars, buzz bar, busbar or buss bars as they are sometimes called. The most common type is the 100amp system complete with 50amp collector arms, three phase and earth. Each system comes with a set of collectors, covers, end stops, hanging brackets, joint clips and can be supplied with an end or centre feed. We also supply c-rail electrical festoon systems and Colton Electrical spare parts.

buzz bar buzz bar

An average 5 tonne crane will need a 32amp supply for example and the 100amp buzz bar power feed system does the job. Below left Crane buzz bar clipped onto the bottom of the down shop rail.

We stock crane power feed systems from:

• Hamilton Pow-R-Safe, main stockist • Colton Electrical • Simbal • Niko Distributor • Conductix Wampfler (Insul-8) • Demag Power Feed Systems

Buzz bar in web, also black collectors Buzz bar

Buzz bar can also be supplied as a totally enclosed system, for indoor or outdoor use. We offer the Simbal buzz bar system and that is a little more expensive to supply, but it is also more hard wearing, and faster to install.

Simbal crane buzz bar system.

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