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NEW and USED jib cranes for sale. AG Cranes Ltd are the largest stockist of pillar jib cranes, and the only UK Donati stockist. Our jib cranes come complete with a jib pillar, jib arm, electrical kit comprising of an on/off switch, and festoon trolleys. We also supply excellent quality electric or manual hoists if required.

We can supply jib cranes with electric 415 volt chain hoists, complete with push or power travel trolleys, most importantly we supply new and used hoists and jib cranes to match your budget.

Jib Crane Type.



Column mounted; bolted to the building upright.

Free standing, under braced or over braced.

Jib Crane Makes

Donati, Demag, Pelloby, Abus, Niko, Mechan, Morris and Python Cranes.


Search below, by size, make or manufacturer or condition to find the perfect overhead crane for your workshop.

Pillar jib cranes for sale: SEARCH by type, safe working load (SWL), manufacturer and condition (new or used).

Ref: REF AG506
Size: 4000mm x4000mm hook to floor 3172mm.

A full Warranty on all of our New Swing Jib Cranes with or without electric hoists.

We supply, install, test, service and certify all makes of jib cranes, therefore we always have the best options available, at the best price. Please give Chloe or Jo a ring to discuss your jib crane exact requirements and they will be happy to help.

Jib Cranes; Installation.

We carry out our own jib crane installation, therefore costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We have 3 installation teams with fully trained jib crane engineers ready to go at a moments notice. All of our site vans carry fully certified lifting equipment required to install your new jib crane.

Please call today for free advice on jib cranes. 01527 894 825. Lastly, visit us on Linkedin.