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We supply gantry crane collision avoidance, or crane anti collision systems for all types over overhead cranes. We have partnered with Magnetek and now distribute the ReFlx anti-collision device throughout the UK and even worldwide. In essence the ReFlx 45 prevents two cranes actually touching or crashing into each other while traveling along a gantry track system.

Crane support steelwork is usually designed to take one crane per piece of gantry track; that is between two columns supporting each horizontal crane track. If you require at later date to add a second crane onto your tracks it may be possible by preventing the second crane being able to enter into the same bay (or horizontal piece of gantry track) as the original crane. We call it by keeping the cranes “a bay apart”. We can do this by using the Magnetek ReFlx 45; subject to steel sizes being able to take the imposed loads and overturning moments. The maximum separation distance is 15 meters.

Some of our clients may have for example two 2 or even three 10 tonnes safe working loads cranes on the same tracks. However if they require the crane’s hooks to get close together, but do not want to cranes to actually crash into each other we can fit the anti collision to the cranes to prevent cranes actually touching each other. The minimum separation distance is officially 1 meter apart however our installation engineers can set this down to 150mm to 200mm by moving the reflector further back on one crane than the other.

We often get asked by clients if they can use smaller, cheaper, free standing gantry steelwork by using anti collision and still operate 2 overhead cranes. In short yes you can; again subject to steel sizes being able to take the imposed loads and overturning moments. For example you will not need 10t support steelwork if you have 2 x 5t SWL cranes on one run of steel if the cranes can be kept apart. far more economical than investing in 10t crane support steel.

By using Magnetek’s ReFlx 45 on your material handling system it will prevent crane-to-crane, or even crane-to-end-stop collisions and crashes. Avoiding collisions will result in reduced maintenance costs, which is always a good thing and also help prevent you losing your warranty. More importantly however it will increase the operators safety.

We can fit our collision avoidance to all makes and types of cranes. It also works  perfectly with adjustable frequency drives, soft starts, or contactor control cranes. It works best with indoor cranes as sunlight or poor weather can effect it.

crane collision avoidance system

Magnetek’s ReFlx 45 anti collision for cranes.