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Telemecanique Crane Pendants

Telemecanique crane parts.

We are stockists of Telemecanique or Telemech as they are often known, crane pendants, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and over travel limits.

telemecanique crane pendants

Telemecanique crane pendant.

Overhead crane pendants are usually 6 or 8 button. The most common (six button) feature up/down, and left/right for the hoist, and forward and reverse of the crane beam This 6 directional button system also has a stop/start or emergency stop button.

Older cranes traditionally were single speeds for each motion and a second speed was an optional extra. This was replaced during the late 1990’s by 2 speed in each direction. Most modern cranes are 2 speeds all motions, or even inverter driven. BEWARE if you are offered a nicely painted single speed crane! AG Cranes do not offer single speeds cranes. In fact if a customer wants single speed crane nowadays we will supply a 2 speed motor and wire out one of the speeds.

There were many reasons for changing from single speed to 2 speed. Below we have listed some of the reasons, features and benefits.

  • Single speed cranes have less accurate for load positioning, and have virtually no fine positioning ability.
  • Motors on single speed cranes burn out more quickly than 2 speed.
  • Single speed cranes have more load swing/sway. 2 Speed cranes are therefore safer.
  • Maintenance costs are massively reduced on 2 speeds cranes:.As they have less brake and pinion wear. Also less issues with contactors.
  • 2 speeds cranes use far less start up current, saying electricity/money.

If you are unsure if your crane is single speed, possibly one speed has burnt out, press the pendant button. If it has a single depression it will be 1 speed, if it has a double depression it will be 2 speed.

Spare parts.

Spare are now available for all Telemechanique crane pendants. Even if just a button is broken you may not need a new pendant, we can just replace the damaged parts inside or out. We can even fit a new front or back cover to your cranes pendant, so it looks like new. New legends or directional stickers, can also be supplied. These are one of the most common things that will be picked up by your insurance company if they do an annual Loler inspection. New pendant cable is available in various cores. 8 core,12 core, 16 core, or 21 core. We usually allow a few extra cores on our new cranes as it is easier to use a spare one if one breaks than to replace your entire pendant cable for just one broken wire. That way you save on repair bills and crane downtime.


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