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Gantry Cranes, What Do I Need To Know?

Gantry Cranes: All you need to know about them.

Gantry Cranes serve a variety of different purposes and are used in many industries across the world. These machines are necessary for lifting and moving heavy loads that otherwise couldn’t be handled.

Most construction, manufacturing, material loading, and shipbuilding businesses wouldn’t operate successfully without cranes.

Gantry Crane


When it comes to finding the best crane around, many UK businesses only trust cranes supplied by AG Cranes.

We have installed cranes across the UK and are helping many firms in a variety of sectors. With a phenomenally large number of repeat orders, and recommendations we are proud of our success.Interested in learning more about gantry cranes, moreover everything you should know about them, and how they could solve your lifting problems. Read on.

Abus Gantry Crane


What Is A Gantry Crane and What Does It Do?

So, the basics. A gantry is a steel structure that typically spans across an area of a workshop, factory or loading bay. It can be situated more or less anywhere with enough room/head height and a solid base to work from.

The crane part is the bridge beam that travels along the steel gantry structure and has and electric hoist. The hoist uses it’s hook to lift the items(s) you’re lifting or moving, allowing safe and controlled lifting.

They range in size and weightlifting ability. They can be used for relatively small things like a mechanic lifting an engine out of a car, to factory machinery that weighs up to 30 tons.

Overhead gantry cranes run on rails that are stich welded to the centre of the gantry track. The crane and hoist can operate anywhere within the envelope of the gantry system. A-frame cranes which are often referred to as gantries have wheels so they can be pushed to various locations around a factory or warehouse, hence are fairly flexible.

A variation of these systems would be a monorail crane, this type of crane could be permanently fixed on steel work in the ceiling of the factory or mounted on free standing columns. (read more about “Which Crane is Suitable for a Factory?)

With these types of monorail systems only the hoist can travel along the overhead rails.

Gantry Crane on gantry steel track

Types of cranes.

A Goliath crane is essentially a type of crane that runs on legs (like an a-Frame) and operates on floor-mounted rails. This creates a perfect lifting and handling solution that can be used in a variety of industries.

This allows the Goliath cranes to always provide pick and place within the hook envelope. You may also hear people refer to Gantry Cranes as Goliath cranes or portal cranes. You will be able to distinguish a Gantry because they always have a steel frame with a horizontal beam (or two), and upright columns for support. These columns are bolted to the floor, regardless of the cranes height.

However, many people often get the Gantry Cranes confused with overhead cranes. An overhead crane is a system in which a horizontal crane beam is traveling along the supported Gantry steelwork.

The Gantry crane is supported by legs that either ride on rails that are implanted on the ground or travel on wheels. While they are useful in a variety of industries, they are typically used outdoors or below an existing overhead crane system.

Gantry Crane Types

There are three types of Gantry cranes in the UK, which we cover in detail below.

·         Standard Gantry Cranes

The standard (but always trusted) model of the Gantry crane is one of the most popular sellers in the UK. This make has either a fixed or traveling Gantry frame that will have one horizontal beam and two upright columns.

·         Semi-Gantry Cranes

Many businesses prefer semi-gantry models. These are systems that use a combination of floor-mounted rails and elevated rails.

·         A-Frame Gantry Cranes

These are fixed and portable crane systems that are capable of handling both light and heavier loads. They are one of the more versatile types of cranes available.


What Is A Gantry Crane’s Lifting Capability?

Gantry Cranes often come with full service and support packages to ensure they operate safely. These cranes can handle nearly any lifting height without having to worry about safety. When it comes to their maximum lifting capacity, it will depend on which type of Gantry Crane you are operating.

A Gantry Crane that has single girder capacities can manage up to 25 tons (55115.6 lbs), but a Gantry Crane with double girder capacities can handle up to 200 tons (which is a whopping 440.925 lbs).

One of these cranes could carry the weight of an elephant, an off-road vehicle, and more heavyweights all at the same time. No wonder so many industries rely on them.


What To Expect From a Gantry Crane

There are so many options when it comes to choosing gantry cranes, and it is often a good idea to give us a call so we can chat them through over the phone.

If you just let us know what you want lifting, how often, how heavy it is, what space and head height you have to work with, etc.

Then our experts can come up with some recommendations that will meet your needs on an individual basis.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to lifting solutions.

One thing that brings many buyers peace of mind in knowing that we can handle the delivery, initial installation, and ongoing safety and servicing checks of the Gantry Cranes.

Everything is fully tested before we sign it off for you to use, so you will have total peace of mind.

While many of these cranes are marketed for indoor use, they can be used in a number of different locations.

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Marine
  • Explosive

All gantry cranes will be operated manually, electrical, or pneumatic. They can be used for the following operations:

  • Long travel operation
  • Vertical hoisting operation
  • Hoist cross travel operation; and more

Gantry Cranes for sale

We manufacture and supply British standard gantry cranes throughout the UK. Our skilled engineers have the required experience and skills to supply and fit bespoke gantry cranes for your business.

Our post installation service is also second to none, which means that for years to come you can make sure your crane is fully tested. Making sure sure your crane is safe and secure on a regular basis not only protects your workforce, but your company liability.

Annual hoist inspection along with load tests are a must. If you buy a crane from AG cranes it will be fully tested before we sign it off to you and if you want to arrange for annual testing we are happy to arrange that for you.

Whatever type of gantry crane you require we offer unbeatable quality and value for money.


Used Gantry Cranes for sale (UK)

If you use the search facility on our cranes for sale section you can search by manufacturer, safe working load or condition.

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Final Thoughts: Everything You Need To Know About Gantry Cranes

If you’re a business owner in the UK looking to invest in a crane for your company, AG Cranes are are one of the most proactive crane suppliers in the UK. We will make sure that you get the right crane for the job you require it to do. So you’re loading and handling heavy items safely, efficiently and cost effectively, call us now. Alternatively want something smaller visit our jib crane section.

Visit our FAQs crane page, to see what other crane customers also ask us?

Lastly, visit our YouTube channel for many more gantry crane examples.