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Crane Operator Training

Training In The Safe Use of Overhead Cranes.

We use a fully certified, independent crane trainer who has many years of experience.

We require the use of a room to run through videos, that demonstrate crane safe use, and good slinging practices.The trainer then carries out a written theory test. This is followed by the candidates taking a practical crane and slinging test, usually in your factory with your overhead crane. Training will be completed within a day.

We like to keep the number of delegates to around 6 people, as a maximum. More can be catered for but it may take 2 days for larger groups.

Crane training is offered on all of our quotations, but amazingly is often only requested after a visit from the Health and Safety inspectorate or a crane related accident ore injury.

Many clients mistakenly assume the installation team will offer training at 5 or 6pm in the evening when they finish testing and commissioning the newly installed gantry crane; and are about to leave for their 2 or 3 hour drive home.

The gantry crane training course includes the following and more:

The law

Health and safety at work

Relevent regulations

The cost of accidents for employers, employees and their families.


Crane hooks

Lift plans

Use and inspection of slings, shackles and eye bolts

Crane controls and signals

General safety


Practical exercises on your own equipment

Safe Use Of Overhead Cranes.

Overhead Crane Testing, Commissioning and Certifying.

Pillar Jib Crane, or Swing Jib Testing, Commissioning and Certifying.

Overhead Crane Servicing.

Jib Crane Servicing.

Wire Rope or Chain Hoist Servicing.

Overhead Crane, Hoist, or Gantry Testing.

Crane and Hoists Report of Thorough Examinations, RoTE. LOLER and PUWER.