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Common questions about jib cranes/swing jibs/pillar jibs/slewing boom jibs.

Common questions about jib cranes/swing jibs/pillar jibs/slewing boom jibs.

This pages gives you Jib Arm Crane Information, Help and Frequently Asked Questions, moreover what is a jib crane? Basically everything you need to know about the installation and testing of a jib crane. If you would like to give us a call to discuss any of the below, we are only too happy to help.

AG Cranes are one of the UK’s largest independent jib crane suppliers and installers. Most months we sell and/or install between 5 and 10 pillar jib cranes. We also keep many of the common sizes in stock.

Usually customers have questions they need answering before we can specify or place an order for a swing jib crane. The jib crane or also pillar jib crane that you purchase needs to be safe, correct and meet your needs and requirements fully. So before ordering or inquiring about a jib crane, please take a moment to read our jib crane frequently asked questions below.

Please remember, jib cranes can lift large heavy weights high into the air; if used or installed incorrectly it can be a dangerous piece of equipment. At AG Cranes Ltd we want you and your employees to be safe and productive. We would also suggest Also please make sure that your employees are fully trained on how to use pillar jib cranes before use.

To quote you a swing arm jib crane correctly we will need to know:

1. The SWL, or safe working load you need to lift. Example 500kgs.

2. The height you need to underside of the jib arm or lift height from the floor. Example 3 meters.

3. The arm length needed to swing the load. Example 3 meters.

4. The height of any overhead obstructions: Example roof lights at 4.2 meters.

Once our team of fully trained experts have the information we will be able to give you a quotation based on what your needs are.

Every AG CRANES quotation will feature the jibs SWL, the overall height of the jib, the floor to underside of the jib crane, the jib cranes arm length and the hoists hook to floor height, at its maximum.

Will My Factory Floor Support the Pillar Jib Crane? Will it take the Overturning Moments……

Most customers ask us about the floor depth required to support the new jib crane. You must remember your jib crane supplier cannot guarantee your factory’s floor depth or suitability. As an example if you are using a M20 bolt you will need 170mm floor depth, while an M24 requires 210mm.

Floor Options.
When installing a new or used swing jib crane, you have four choices when it comes to your workshop floor:
Option 1:
Fit an extra large or oversized base plate the most common and popular choice, hence limiting floor cracking. For our new Donati jibs we can supply an extra large base plate to fasten to the factory floor. The large jib base bolts to the floor with 8 or 12 bolts. The jib cranes pillar is then bolted to it. An oversized base plate comes pre-drilled to accept the jib pillar/column.

Option 2: 

Dig a pit and fill with it concrete, leave it to cure for a couple of weeks, and then fit the jib on top of the new floor base. This is popular with used jib cranes or other makes other than Donati.

Option 3:

If digging a large pit/base for our new Donati jib cranes we can supply you a set of ground anchors, or “J bolts”. (See below), this is by far the safest option for new pillar cranes. The ground anchors, or large “J bolts” sink into the factory floor base you have prepared.

Before filling the base with concrete of the required grade, you need to insert the ground anchors. The jib base template (supplied) leave the top of the bolts approx 100mm proud of the hole. Once it has gone off the jib crane lands straight on to the anchors and is tightened up, chiefly giving a solid jib pillar. This usually takes two or three weeks to go off. Once it has gone off, we can then land the jibs column onto the protruding ground anchors before commission and testing takes place.

J bolts for cranes

Option 4:
Get your floor checked for the depth so you are satisfied that it is thick enough or get a civil engineer to look at this for you. You can then order the jib crane, safe in the knowledge that it will be fine. 

jib crane without oversized base plate

On arrival if the floor depth is not the correct depth or has an issue the installation engineers will consult with you and our office. If you wish them to carry or want to take other measures to ensure it passes a deflection test, you will be asked to sign the install engineers site sheet taking responsibility for your modifications.

USED jib cranes, testing, certifying, installation warranty etc.

Many companies in the current climate want to save money, therefore used jibs are now in stock. At AG Cranes Limited we are often asked to supply used jib crane and hoist or used jib cranes with new hoists as a compromise. We will still offer a warranty on used jib cranes, as well as, a test certificate if we carry out the installation.

If you want a new electric chain hoist on a used jib crane, to help to keep the costs down, moreover, we can offer this and are only too happy to quote both options. Though cheaper, used jib cranes are the dimensions they come with and not made to measure. With new jib cranes we can make them to your exact dimensions, rather than limiting them to what is in stock.

We cannot offer ground anchors or extra large base plates pre-drilled for our used jib cranes. Luckily, when buying a used jib crane it will nearly always have a base plate large enough already on it, as it will have been used elsewhere previously.

If purchasing an AG Cranes Jib Crane we include the following;
  • The jib crane column.
  • The jib crane arm, underbraced or over-braced in style.
  • A 3 phase 415volt electric chain hoist (ECH), Lifting speeds 1 or 2. On request.
  • A SWL (safe working load sticker) and serial number, indeed it needs this legally.
  • Electrical power cable kit: On / off switch, festoon trolleys, the festoon cable or strainer wire for the jib cranes arm.
  • A warranty of 3 to 6 months on our used cranes or 1 to 2 years on new cranes; offering piece of mind.
  • All you need is 3-phase 415 volt electricity supply.

Also please view our jib crane testing and install page.

Please have a browse of our current jib cranes in stock.

Common questions about jib cranes/swing jibs/pillar jibs/slewing boom jibs.

Donati under braced jib cranes