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Flex Radio Remote Control Systems

Here at AG Cranes we are a proud UK stockist of Magnetek Flex radio remote systems. We usually keep common remotes in stock and most items can be sent out on next day delivery.

We tend to use the Flex Base standard crane/hoist systems. These are cost effective, lightweight and work for peoples needs in most cases. They are very reliable and are a known type of radio remote. Ideal use of these are with chain hoists and small cranes. We use these on all products that we offer!

The Benefits
  • Cuts out operator error; pulling on the pendant cable.
  • Allows the crane operator to stand at a safe distance from the load.
  • Allows the crane operator to view the load from all angles.


The Flex Base wireless control system


  • There are numerous programmable functions to suit all types of applications.
  • Spare parts and accessories are readily available at competitive prices. This includes; spare transmitters, protective rubber boots, vinyl pouches or label sheets.
  • The push buttons come with gold-plated contacts and snap-action steps, this enables easy use even when wearing gloves. They are rated for more than one million press cycles.
  • All you need are two “AA” alkaline batteries, these give you 100 hours of operation. Rechargeable AA batteries are also an option, to keep your system topped up at all times.
  • These remotes offer an expected line of site distance of 100 meters.
  • This system is packaged with MRX or Flex Base receivers for a complete solution. See below for more information.
MRX Receiver
This receiver can be mounted on the control panel or hoist. This causes no system imbalance. There are three power supplies (9-36 VDC, 24-48 VAC, and 48-240 VAC), the voltage select feature will adapt automatically. Includes 1.8m of cable and mounting hardware. IP66 rated.
Size: Dimensions: 120 mm (L) x 90 mm (W) x 55 mm (H) – – Weight: 900 kg

MRX Receiver

Flex Base Receiver

This receiver has more control capabilities and options suitable for overhead cranes. You can use additional functions such as lights, magnet controls, and powered lifting devices. Includes 1.8m of cable and mounting hardware. IP66 Rated.

Dimensions: 260mm (L) x 204mm (W) x 83 mm (H) – – Weight: 2.5 kg

Flex Base Receiver


Each flex base system includes the following:

1 receiver and 1 or 2 transmitters, we offer a huge saving to buy a spare transmitter at the time of purchase. There are provided with internal antenna.

Manual on CD, transmitter label sheet, wrist strap, vinyl transmitter cover, output cable, extra fuses, jumpers, batteries, and necessary mounting.

We offer four, six and eight 2-speed push buttons, depending on your needs. To quote we will need to know how many buttons and the control voltage you are after.

We are also stockist for Telemecanique crane pendants and spare parts.


Please call, email or send an enquiry through our contact us page, to receive a quote straight away.

The other type of radio remote is the Flex Ex system- if this is something you are interested in, please let us know and we will be happy to quote.