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Demag DMR wire rope hoist

We stock the Demag DMR wire rope hoist, of course other makes are also stocked. The German built ultra low headroom hoist ranges from 3.2t, 5t, or 10t SWL and are perfectly suited to single girder overhead cranes. When in stock they are available for immediate dispatch or we can offer these on your crane order, hence no long waits. We offer 10 meters max. height of lift, if you need anything more, please give us a call.

How much does a rope hoist weigh?

A 5t SWL single girder Demag DMR wire rope hoists weights 344kgs, complete with 6 meters of lifting height therefore one of the lightest available.

   ultra low headroom DMR hoist

Crane Hoist Speeds:

Lifting speeds 4/0.7 meters per minute.

Travel speed 25/6.3 meters per minute.


Hook headroom loss (C dimension).

3.2 tonne EK DMR hoist: loss of 410mm up to 305mm flange.

5 tonne EK DMR hoist: loss of 445mm up to 305mm flange

10 tonne EK DMR hoist: loss of 540mm up to 305mm flange.


Demag DMR wire rope hoist

Demag low headroom


Alternatively we can offer you other makes of hoists that may work out a little cheaper but the headroom loss won’t be as good. Demag’s ultra low headroom hoist “C dimension” starts at 410mm, but does depend on the cranes flange width.

If you are looking for low headroom chain hoists enter here. Chain hoist C dimensions from under 350mm, in addition push and power trolleys are options.


Lastly, visit our YouTube channel to see Demag DMR wire rope hoists in use.