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Crane Base Ground Anchors

Crane Bases and Ground Anchor Cones.

Occasionally your civil engineer will decide your factory needs to have concrete floor bases or pads fitted prior to our arrival. This is usually because your concrete floor is too shallow to take an overhead crane of the required lifting capacity, and the overturning moments imposed by the cranes force. This is more common on larger SWL overhead gantry cranes.

For many years we have designed, manufactured and installed free standing gantry steelwork systems. We can offer a full set of base plate loadings and over turning moments imposed by the crane, once an order has been placed.

If this is the case do not worry. We can provide crane drawings and crane weights and overturning moments. If you are having foundation bases dug into your factory floor and we are supplying the steelwork, we can supply anchor cones in template form. Below you can see a before and after photograph of the anchor cones. The after pictures shows a string line down the centre.

Having the anchor cones speeds up the crane installation as once we arrive on site we are erecting the steel, almost straight away. This avoids us spending the first day or so drilling multiple bolt holes; with all the noise and dust implications this brings.



crane floor conessunken floor cones










If we are providing the crane support steelwork we will free issue the anchor cones/ holding down bolts in advance of our arrival in site. This is so your civil engineers can sink them into the ground with the templates when the concrete is poured.

If you would prefer we can issue the Hilti bolts and resin rather than foundation frames. These do not come with a template so the job of line and leveling them is made more difficult and time consuming. If you would prefer neither of these options we can drill the floor when the steelwork is delivered but this cost more time/money.

crane ground anchors








Often clients having floor pads put in for cranes will dig the hole a little deeper, say 150mm. We can then sink the crane column into the hole and after we have finished it can be concreted over. This eliminates a trip hazard on the base. On the down side, its a bit awkward if you decide to move factory 5 years later….

sunken crane base plates

Sunken crane bolts











AG Cranes are not civil engineers and are not qualified to to say your floor is suitable for the crane in question. We can however recommend civil and structural engineers if you think you may need one.

If you receive a crane quotation for anything over 5 tonnes SWL and the supplier of the crane says “your floor will be OK”, be wary. If you need advise on cranes, steelwork, or bases please call us today, on 01527 894825, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

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