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End Carriages

Top or Side Mounted Crane End Carriages; for top running overhead travelling cranes.

Here at AG Cranes, we keep in stock a range of end carriages. These are for top running cranes and are either side mounted (in shear) or top mounted.

  • Fully inverter ready.
  • Maximum travel speed is 30 meters per minute.
  • Second fan, free of charge to cool the motors if low travelling speeds are chosen
  • Stocked from 1t to 10t SWL, up to 18.5 meter spans. If we don’t have what you are after in stock, we can get it in for you.
  • We supply most of the UK crane trade, as well as building for our own clients and designers.


end carriage         end carriages


We stock new end inverter driven end carriages for common size cranes with 12 months warranty. Standard sizes are for single girder cranes. Top mount and side mount (in shear) connection plates and long travel drives with fans are included.


Recent delivery of end carriages on a finished crane

Recent delivery of end carriages on a finished crane


End Carriages in our stock