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End Carriages for Overhead Cranes.

Top or Side Mounted Crane End Carriages; for top running overhead travelling cranes.

At AG Cranes, we keep in stock a range of end carriages. These are for top running cranes and our carriages are either side mounted, sometimes called in shear, or top mounted.

No more waiting 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. As suppliers to the UK crane trade, we usually have around 15 to 20 pairs of end carriages in stock and often offer next day delivery; or can even build a crane in under a week.

  • Fully inverter ready.
  • Maximum travel speed is 30 meters per minute.
  • Second fan, free of charge to cool the motors if low travelling speeds are chosen
  • Stocked from 1t to 10t SWL, up to 18.5 meter spans. If we don’t have what you are after in stock, we can get it in for you.
  • We supply most of the UK crane trade, as well as building for our own clients and designers.
  • 12 month warranty
  • Fully designed to work with our INVERTER driven crane control panels.


end carriage         end carriages


We stock new end inverter driven end carriages for common size cranes with 12 months warranty. Standard sizes are for single girder cranes. Top mount and side mount (in shear) connection plates and long travel drives with fans are included.


Recent delivery of end carriages on a finished crane

Recent delivery of end carriages on a finished crane


End Carriages in our stock


BCP long travel end carriages have been sold since the 1960’s. Balkankar Podem are established as a major European manufacturer of overhead lifting cranes, gantry cranes and bridge crane components.

Most up to date crane manufacturers now offer inverter frequency driven products for the travel motion of bridge cranes because they offer so many benefits.

Advantages of inverter driven 50hz overhead bridge cranes.

  • Frequency inverters reduce the cranes load sway and hook swing.
  • Enhances safety of the operation, reducing wear.
  • Extra smooth and gentle movement; starting and stopping, as well as travelling.
  • The brakes, gearbox and trolley wheels, are protected against extreme wear and tear. Reverse plugging cannot take place.
  • Reduced maintenance cost, as parts almost never wear out.
  • Has the ability to alter the cranes long travel speed, within minutes.
  • Controls the acceleration AND deceleration of the crane or hoist and most importantly the time taken to accelerate to top speed AND decelerate to a stop.


AG Cranes and BCP now offer frequency inverter options on wire rope hoists as well.

Our crane end carriages wheel bases recommended distance to crane span is 1/7th of the span. We stock the more common sizes of single girder end carriages and can often offer deliver within a week.

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