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Street Wire Rope Hoists

UK stockist’s of the Streetcrane Street wire rope hoists ZX6 and ZX8 M4 and M5 low headroom wire rope hoist.

The Street Crane ZX range covers 1 to 25 tonnes. It is available in monorail or crab unit models. Brand new 3.2t, 5t and 10 tonnes wire rope hoists with full warranty are in stock. Please contact us now for more details, including delivery and installation.

We often have used hoists to offer clients as well. Please call and ask about our current used wire rope hoist or stock.

Street Wire Rope Hoists

Street Wire Rope Hoists

Street Wire Rope Hoist, CE marked and made in the United Kingdom.

Hoist specifications: Low headroom hoist model type ZX064-3SoNM4K031.

  • SWL 3.2 and 5 tonnes
  • Street hoist speeds; 2 speed
  • Flange Width Range: 150 mm to 510 mm.
  • Available HOL: 6.5 meters.
  • Supply: 400V ±10% 3ph 50Hz
  • Control: 48v or 110v.
  • M4 duty, moreover de-rated higher duty options are offered.
  • Low headroom hoist model type ZX064-3SoNM4K031
  • Flange width range for the hoist monorail trolley 100mm to 500mm.
  • “C” dimension (hook loss when drawn up) varies from 498mm at 200mm flange to 585mm at 300mm flange width.
  • Available height of lift on the drum 6.5m of rope drop on the drum.
  • Radio remote option.
  • This hoist is CE approved.

Hoist specifications: Hoist Model Code: ZX084-4SoNM5O063-LHR0001-40050E14.

  • SWL 10 tonnes, offering a huge range of options.
  • Hoist Model: ZX08.
  • Hoist Type: LHR (SG Low Head Trolley)
  • Flange Width Range: 150 mm to 510 mm.
  • Supply: 400V ±10% 3ph 50Hz, allowing perfect UK coverage.
  • Control: 48v or equally 110v is an option.
  • Available HOL: 8 meters, allowing plenty of room below the crane to lift loads.
  • Street hoist speeds; 2 speed all motions.
  • Hoisting lifting speeds 4.3/1.1 mpm. Hoist Power: 1 x 9.10/2.30 kW.
  • Cross or traverse travel speed 2-20 mpm inverter driven. Traverse Power: 1 x 0.55 kW
  • M5 duty, hoisting and traverse, .
  • Flange width range for the hoist monorail trolley 100mm to 500mm.
  • “C” dimension (drawn up hook height) varies from 600mm up to a 362mm flange to 646mm flange.
  • Hoist Mass: 928kg, however the hoist is very light against competitors.
  • Ambient temperature range of -10°C to 40°C, with this in mind heat shields are an option.
  • Suitable for clean indoor use at an altitude less than 1000 m above sea level is another key point.
  • Atmosphere of normal humidity (5-95% non condensing) free of contamination and harmful deposits.
  • IP54 protection to all motors & control equipment, hence water ingress is not an issue.
  • Heavy duty 2 Speed Hoist Motor with 4:1 ratio 60% ED rating.
  • Hoist motor complete with thermal protection and Class ‘F’ insulation.

Other Features.

  • Fully sealed compact hoist gearbox – oil bath lubricated.
  • In line hardened & ground helical gears for smooth & quiet operation.
  • Fail-safe DC disc brake with hand release mounted on hoist gearbox designed for ease of maintenance.
  • Overload cut-out device (rated capacity limiter) to clarify the hoist cannot be overloaded.
  • Fully sealed direct drive trolley system.
  • Flangeless steel trolley wheels & guide rollers.
  • Hoist upper and lower limit switches – roller plunger type.
  • Plug & socket connections for easy installation & maintenance.
  • Lastly, Radio remote option.


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