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Faulty Gantry Crane Steelwork

Faulty Crane Steelwork.

We must point out none of the faulty crane steelwork displayed on this information page was installed by us!!

Occasionally one of our clients asks for a new or a used crane and will decide to either assemble the supporting steelwork themselves or get a local company to do it. The local supplier and manufacturer has often built farm buildings before and may have had no experience of how to install crane rails and track correctly, or even of the correct size.

Below are a few photographs of some jobs that have gone wrong. The most common fault is usually the tracks, lack of them or the lining and leveling of them, or a combination of these issues.

Gaps in the crane rail, when the client insisted on doing the rails himself.

Cranes tracks not in line. This cost more to take down and correct than the original quote.

faulty crane tracks

This client put up the rails and forgot to put the 50x50mm solid bar on the top. We had to abort the installation and all the plant involved and store the crane adding around £7000.00 to the job.

This client used a “friend” to put his tracks up and forgot to tighten the bolts up. We had to check around 220 meters of tracks before work could start. The client and his friend are no longer sending each other Christmas cards…

loose crane steelwork bolts


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