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Articulated Jib Crane or Knuckle Jib Cranes

We offer articulated jib cranes or knuckle jib cranes. These are attached to the floor with a column, then has an arm that is split into 2. This can be in equal sections or different lengths.

These are a good option if you need more movement in your arm. They can be supplied with an electric chain hoist, this is attached to the end of the arm.

The below example shows a Donati articulated jib crane. These are the jibs that we sell the most. They are currently on a 4-6 week lead time. Please get in touch for a quote.

knuckle jib

Knuckle jib crane: Type Donati

Before and After

We occasionally get these jibs offered to us second hand. The below is a Pelloby jib, that we painted to look brand new, all ready and wrapped for its new owner.

If we have any in our current stock, our website will be updated.

knuckle jib before

Before cleaning and painting

knuckle jib after

After cleaning and painting