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SWF Cranes for Sale

We have SWF cranes for sale, both new and used are in stock. All of the SWF hoists are manufactured in Mannheim, in Finland in Kone’s factory. The SWL’s are from 1t to 250t SWL. Warranty is 2 years on new hoists and SWF end carriages, what’s more we offer 1 year on used Nova hoists.

Below is an SWF Silverline SWF hoist and crane, offering inverter movement. We build SWFCRANES to order and also sell hoists to replace hoists they are uneconomical to repair.

Delivery times are as little as 6 weeks for a full SWF overhead crane what’s more, only a matter of days for new stock Nova hoists. We also stock the SWF Athlo electric chain hoist, again offering excellent economy.

SWF cranes for sale

SWF cranes for sale

SWF end carriages

SWF Crane end carriages


We have a large amount of used crane support steelwork in stock, as well as offering new. This can be modified to fit in your factory and we offer site surveys to enable to fully understand your needs and site dimensions.

If you wanted a smaller, larger of different type crane please visit our crane stock search engine, for more results.

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