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SWF Cranes for Sale and SWF Crane Kits

We have SWF cranes for sale, both new and used are currently in stock. All of the SWF hoists & crane kits are manufactured in Mannheim, in Germany in Kone’s factory. The range of SWL’s go from¬† 1t to 250t SWL. Additionally warranty is a massive 2 years on new hoists and SWF end carriages. Furthermore, used Nova hoists have a 1 year warranty.

The headroom loss on the ultra modern SWF hoist is one of the best available, worldwide. At only 380mm for the 2t and 3.2t hoists on 4 falls of rope, and a mere 520mm for a 5t crane hoist. These low headroom wire rope hoists offer excellent lifting heights, in addition to various inverter driven speeds.

Below is an SWF Silverline SWF hoist and crane, offering inverter movement. We build SWF CRANES to order and additionally sell hoists to replace hoists that are uneconomical to repair.

Delivery times are as little as 6 to 8 weeks for a full SWF overhead crane, what’s more, only a matter of days for stocked Nova hoists. We also stock the SWF Athlo electric chain hoist, again offering excellent economy and performance.

SWF cranes for sale

SWF cranes for sale

SWF end carriages

SWF Crane end carriages


end carriages stock

end carriages stock

AG Cranes have a large amount of pre owned, used crane support steelwork currently in stock. Additionally we also stock new steel, hence our prices are always keen. We can modify crane steelwork to suit your factory; furthermore we offer site surveys to fully understand your needs and site dimensions.

Require a smaller, larger of different make of crane please visit our crane stock search engine page.

Lastly, visit our YouTube channel, to view drone footage of SWF cranes for sale.