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Ground Anchors and Oversized Base Plates for Donati Jib Cranes

When you order a Donati jib crane, you have three options for the base. The decision is based on your floor depth, the floor is always the customers responsibility. Ground anchors are the most secure, and are used due to shallow floors.

Option 1

To attach the jib column directly to your floor when you know the floor is made of good quality concrete of the correct depth. This may be from previous calculations on the floor or past testing that has been carried out, additionally architects drawings.


Option 2

To use ground anchors imbedded in the concrete, because of a new floor pad going in. You will need to have a hole dug and concrete poured into the area where you would like the jib crane. The concrete is poured around the anchors, as shown in the picture below, to clarify always leave 75mm of bolts protruding.

Donati ground anchors

Donati jib crane ground anchors


Once completed, the jib column is lowered on to the bolts, that are now sticking out of the ground. This is a good option for anyone with an unsuitable flooring. It also has the benefit of not taking up too much room.

Jib base

ground anchors


Option 3

Pillar jib cranes often have an extra large base plate to spread the load, otherwise shallow floor may crack. This option is the most common, regardless of floor depth. It gives you peace of mind that all the weight is dispersed, all in all better for piece of mind. It is also a lot less hassle than getting someone dig out foundations, and pouring concrete.

Donati base plate

Extra large pillar jib crane base plate

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