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Safe Use Of Overhead Cranes

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Using Overhead Lifting Equipment.

Safe use of overhead cranes, especially the law. . There are many considerations before lifting with overhead cranes. Here are just 10 questions you, or your health and safety officer should be asking prior to operating a crane.

If you or your staff require training, to fully comply with the current regulations and statutory requirements call us today and ask for Jo or Tristan.

1. Have your staff or sub contractors been trained to use the crane and lifting slings.

2. Are your staff and sub contractors competent to use the overhead crane.

3. Do you hold a copy of the users crane licences or certificate. If so is it in date, or been renewed.

4. Are you in possession of a valid crane test certificate and Report of Thorough Examination (RoTE) cert for the overhead crane and ALL lifting equipment you are using.

5. Do you have warning signs displayed to warn visitors cranes or overhead lifting may be taking place.

6. Has the crane had its daily visual safety inspection.

7. Do you know the weight of what you are lifting.

8. Are written procedures and processes in place for staff to follow.

9. Are people prevented from walking under the load, especially if the load swings while moving.

10. Is the crane and gantry in good safe working order and safe to use.

If the answer to any of the above is NO, and you don’t want a large fine, or potential prison time; or you just need help with any of the safety items mentioned, please call us on 01527 894825, or contact us.

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