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Crane Control Panels For Sale

Crane Control Panels For Sale.

AG Cranes are the UK’s largest stockists and distributors for the BANELEC crane control panels.  We manufacture and supply long and cross travel crane control panels, specifically made to order. Banelec sell the panels with our inverter driven crane end carriages therefore offering very smooth travel speeds.

After visiting our end carriage factory in Bulgaria with the Banelec’s  Managing Direct Dean Banner, together we custom designed an inverter driven crane control panel. This is now used wildly throughout the UK, in  conjunction with our crane end carriages. What’s more, they work equally well with Streets, Demag and SWF end carriages too.

As standard most crane panels are used to control the (LT) long travel motion of an overhead traveling crane. The panel will incorporate contactors to do this. In addition, to a transformer and mains contactor, our standard panels also have an inverter fitted. This offers  a very smooth movement of the crane’s end carriages, in the downshop direction. This option can be removed if you prefer dual speed control.
When ordering a new crane control panel, please advise the end carriages current rating in kilowatts, plus the cranes control voltage.

Crane control panel

Crane control panels

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The range of standard control crane panels we sell has all control gear for the full operation of the crane incorporated into a single painted mild steel enclosure.

Standard panel size (600 x 400 x 210 mm). As standard all motions are individually protected.

Included in this panel:-

Door interlocked isolator.
A Mains contactor.
Main fuses (MCB optional).
Hoist, Traverse and Travel fuses (MCB optional).
AC4 rated operational contactors.
Slow to fast timer on travel.
Transformer c/w MCB protection.

Crane control panel component manufacturers.

• Contactors and three phase MCB’s are Telemecanique
• All three phase MCB’s are Telemecanique
• Single Pole MCB’s are Siemens
• Isolators are ABB
• The Fuses and Carriers are Bussmann
• Enclosures are Eldon


• Stainless steel enclosures
• Thermistor protection
• Special operations
• Door mounted buttons / warning lights

We also offer upgrades and fully refurbishing options of cranes and direct online control panels, most importantly improving crane output.

banelec crane control panels

Banelec crane control panels.

If you are interested in buying a Banelec crane control panel, please call us today on 01527 894 825.

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