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Under Notched Crane Beams

What Are Under Notched Crane Beams?

What are under notched crane beams? Often double beam cranes main beams will be under notched. This is means notched below the track level, therefore gaining extra hook height. As double girder cranes hoists runs on the top of the beams, height is important. Most factories have pitched roofs and the hoist cannot may not get full travel left and right.

To combat this the cranes beams (yellow RAL 1007 in the image below) are under notched. That is cut away below the gantry rails (white horizontal rails in the picture below.) This allows a larger hoist envelope on the side hook approach, comparitively much cheaper than buying a wider factory.

under notched crane beams

under notched crane beams








Below is a picture of an overhead crane in a traditionally pitched industrial factory roof. Weirdly, the pitch of the roof isn’t in the centre of the factory, as it usually the case.

pitched roof and crane






Over crane engineers can help with your design, layout and column positioning. Call today and let us today and let then help you map out where the crane needs to be, most importantly they can advise on hook coverage.

Single Beam Crane Options.

Single girder cranes do not have the issue of the hoist hitting the roof, mainly because the lifting hoist runs underneath the crane beam. Instead, the crane beam is angled or chamfered to match the roof trusses angle, whereas double beams can be under notched.

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