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Monorail Crane For Workshop Use.

Monorail crane, “goalpost cranes”, or runway cranes, explained.

A monorail crane for warehouse use is similar to an overhead traveling crane (OHTC’s) but the main difference the movement is only on 2 axis. Traditionally the movement on overhead traveling cranes (OHTC’s) is 3 axis, up/down, left/right, and forward and reverse, thus giving more movement.

On a monorail the hoist can only move side to side on the beam, however the beam cannot move. This is perfectly normal and is often used in small workshops where space is limited, similarly where a client only needs to move a load along a straight line. Side pulling is not allowed, and must never happen as it is potentially dangerous. Dangerous to the hoist and more importantly your factory personal, therefore we offer training.

monorail crane

monorail crane

monorail cranes

The length of the run is important to know; additionally this will impact on how many “goalposts” you require along the crane runway or length.

monorail crane

goalpost crane

10 things you need to know or ask about monorail cranes, goalpost cranes, or runway cranes.
  1. What safe working load (SWL) do you need to lift, additionally do you need to futureproof?
  2. How many hoists or hooks do you require on your runway?
  3. What span to you require, between the goalposts, or overall runway length?
  4. How high to you need from hook to floor?
  5. Is it for indoor or outdoor use?
  6. Do you require electric or manual hoists / chain blocks?
  7. If electric do you require a pendant control or a radio remote control to operate the hoist?
  8. Voltage for electrically driven monorail cranes systems in the UK is normally; 3 phase and earth, 415 volts 50hz.
  9. The power be fed from buzz bar, where is the nearest isolator and power supply?
  10. How many times a day will the crane be used, likewise how much will it lift?

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