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Stooled Up Crane. Extra Height Gantry Overhead Crane.

What is a stooled up crane?

AG Cranes can offer many solutions to your lifting and material handling issues. As standard a crane would have the end carriages fixed by either face mount (side fixing) or top mount (fixed under the beam). However, a stooled up crane can be a solution to hook height issues, regardless of the gantry height. Gantry, being the supporting steelwork.

Stooling a crane up will give you extra lifting height without altering you existing gantry system. This is simply achieved by fixing the crane end carriages via a stool, under the main crane beam. This raises the crane bridge beam up higher, therefore, giving a greater height of lift (HOL). This is a hugely cost effective solution that we have offered to many happy customers in the past.

Below is a Konecranes crane we stooled up to give the client more headroom. This can really save money against having to purchase a new taller factory or against purchasing taller crane support steelwork.

Stooled Up Kone Crane

5t SWL Stooled Up Kone Crane

Live Example.

A customers existing free standing gantry system was only 4.4 metres from floor to rail however they needed to achieve a 4.6 metre lifting height. As the client had enough headroom in his factory we were able to stool the crane up to achieve the required height of lift. This was only a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire gantry system, furthermore at 60 meters long it was far quicker.

Click to see drone video YouTube, of a stooled up crane using every inch of the factories height.

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