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AG Cranes Terms & Conditions

AG Cranes Terms & Conditions.

By placing an order you agree to the following AG Cranes Terms & Conditions:

After we receive an order you will be emailed these terms to sign and return before work can commence.

  • General

All prices quoted exclude VAT.  This will be charged at the normal rate.

The price quoted is based on present day costs and will be held firm for 30 days from date of quotation, subject to remaining unsold.

We reserve the right to undertake credit reference checks if required.

Retention of title: All goods remain the property of AG CRANES Ltd until paid for in full, even if you sell on the equipment to a third party.

After delivery/installation, we are not liable for any accidents or operator abuse. In the unlikely event of a problem arising, please contact our office or the last company to service or inspect the equipment, if it is not us.

If you intend to finance the job, please advise us as the start.  We are not liable for any production delays if your finance company does not adhere to our terms.

We will always communicate and confirm phone conversations by email. Unless you instruct us on the contrary, we assume that you have no objection to this.

  • Quotations

Our quotation is our fee for carrying out the work specified. It is given based on the information available to us at the time it is supplied. There are many factors beyond our control that can result in our quotation being exceeded.

Quotes are subject to change based on site survey and/or drawings.

We shall inform you promptly if our quotation is likely to be changed or we have had to charge additional fees due to changed circumstances or discovery of extra work.

  • Terms of payment

All payment terms are discussed on an individual basis and can be found on the official quote or confirmed by email. This may be full or staged payments.

If you are ordering non-refundable parts, we ask for a non-refundable deposit with your purchase order. No parts will be ordered without this.

We will always ask for a 55% deposit for cranes and steelwork, this deposit helps to cover the initial costs of components and steel that we have order as well as fabrication work done prior to install. Please note this deposit is non-refundable once the GA drawings have been approved.

On some occasions there will be another staged payment prior to delivery. This may delay the delivery if unpaid. If a customer is collecting, this can be done upon cleared funds.

For final payments due on installation and all other site visits, the balance is due on completion. Test certificate will be issued upon cleared funds (if we have installed or tested) and the crane, hoist or structure should NOT be used without our valid test certificate.

Once an order had been placed we cannot change the payment terms.

If an installation date is put back by a customer with less than 3 weeks notice, we will deem the job to be finished from the ORIGINAL agreed install date, and issue the staged invoices accordingly from the original quotation. We will then issue a quotation to complete the contract later, at a mutually agreed date. A client once paid a 10% deposit then put the job on hold for over a year. Literally!

If an installation date is put back by AG Cranes we will not charge.

  • Debt Collection

We reserve the right to send you a notification of debt collection letter if you have not settled your account. If full payment is not received within 7 days of the date of this letter, we will have no alternative but to pass the matter to our Debt Collection Agency to recover the debt.

Should this happen, you will be responsible for recovery charges of 20% and interest of 8%. These amounts are excluding VAT and will be added to your outstanding balance.

  • Warranty

AG Cranes offers warranty for the time stated on each individual quote. This is parts only and does not include labour or access platform hire.

A claim is subject to the equipment being suitably maintained and payments being made on time. If this payment is not within 5 days of the invoice dates, we reserve the right to shorten the warranty by two months for every month or part month the payment is late.

Warranty period starts from the date of delivery or completion of installation (if we install).

If we send our engineer to your site for a warranty call, this is chargeable at our standard hourly rate and customer must provide a suitable access platform.

Warranty does not cover any down time, subsequent loss or liquidating damages, ever.

If a 12 month warranty has been quoted on a crane; this is based on the client having it serviced every 6 months.


  • Cancelled orders

You have the right to terminate your instructions to us, unless we have already started providing you with our services or parts. This can include a site survey, drawings or even steelwork and structure calculations.

There will be a handling charge of 20% on top of the costs incurred by AG Cranes, likewise on non refundable parts, cranes components and steelwork.

If you have approved the GA drawing and work has began on your crane / steelwork we will require a 20% handling charge in addition to your deposit.

  • Delivery

We cannot be held responsible for carriers, couriers, third party suppliers or haulage company delays. Damages or costs as a result will not be the responsibility of AG Cranes.

Delivery times quoted are from receipt of deposit and signed drawings (if applicable), not from order date.

  • Installation issues

If installation times run over or problems arise while on site we will not be able to pay liquidating damages or compensation as a result. We also do not expect clients to withhold the balance payment, as this can affect your warranty.

If we can complete installation but there is extra waiting time for our engineers, not at the fault of AG Cranes, the standard hourly rate will be charged on top of quoted price. Delays and interruptions will be charged based on signed time sheets. A client “helping” by removing their goods, benches and racking etc is not chargeable to us as it needs doing before we arrive. It is also not a reason to withhold payment.

If the installation cannot be completed for reasons beyond our control, (IE floor depth, lack of an electricity supply, or if for any reason you ask us to stop partway through or return later) we will deem the job to be finished. The final invoice will be issued, and a quotation will be emailed to complete the contract later at a time that is mutually agreeable.

There is no discount if the installation finishes earlier than quoted.

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning Terms (unless otherwise agreed.)

Our offer includes the following:

The provision of suitably skilled site engineers and qualified experienced personnel to carry out the quoted work. Materials, mileage and site allowance to carry out the agreed contract.

Scope of supply for complete installation based on one continuous site visit, without interruption or delays by others.

Price for installation is based on:
  • One free site survey (overhead crane quote only); Second or third surveys are chargeable if we are unable to measure up while on site.
  • Free and clear route to site for lorries and lifting equipment.
  • Blocking off the working area according to health and safety regulations.
  • Free and clear access to site at all times & uninterrupted working during normal day time working hours.
  • A clear even working surface suitable for tower platforms allowing access to all installation points.
  • Doors and gates must be of suitable width to gain clear access with our equipment.
  • Normal working conditions at the building site.
  • Work to be carried out during normal workday hours, however we can accommodate most requests.
The Clients responsibility will always be the following;
  • Any free issue equipment, whether it be a hoist or crane support rails: All support rails must be in-line laterally, horizontally, and vertically. In addition, inclination of opposite rails and deviation of the rail head from the horizontal must be correct and within tolerances. Joints must be within plus or minus 0.5mm. Most importantly the span must be in accordance with British Standards or DIN. Failure to comply can invalidate a cranes warranty, and will delay installation resulting in extra site charges to cover delays.
  • If you are free issuing the down shop gantry tracks, they must include the top rail for the crane wheels to run on. We will not specify the requirements for free issue rails and gantry. Please consult a civil engineer.
  • The thickness and suitability of the floor, walls or buildings we may attach to. This includes calculations as to the suitability of the floor/roof to withstand the proposed loading & bolts.
  • To provide the incoming power supply to our equipment (incoming mains to the connecting point terminal box) of the crane power supply, as well as the connecting cable from the incoming mains to the mains isolator). This needs to be from the start of the visit.
  • The client should know where any submerged pipe work is within his own factory.
  • To provide sufficient lighting for the duration of the installation. Please remember the lighting will be affected by the crane supporting steelwork and the crane’s beam, depending where your lights are positioned. We cannot be responsible for this or new lighting, however, we are happy to advise.

The client is responsible for ensuring power is available, via an isolator positioned to our requirements and a supply point via a suitably protected cable to a termination box which can be positioned on one end of the gantry at crane/high level to allow termination of the crane bus bars. The power requirements for the client to arrange are a motor rated fused isolator – 415v, 3-phase and earth. The power must be complete prior to our arrival on site, similarly an isolator.

AG Cranes will advise on what may be needed on site and will supply if needed. This will be charged at the current rate. These include:
  • Hire of access equipment, equally, we are happy to supply access.
  • Supply of necessary test weights c/w lifting equipment and relevant slings, nonetheless this may be agreed in advance.
  • Suitable forklift truck throughout the duration of the installation program by our qualified staff on site.


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