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Demag crane and gantry steelwork for sale

Demag DMR cranes and gantry steelwork for sale.

We will be removing a pair of Demag eco friendly fully electric gantry cranes from a factory that is being put back to basics in Reading during July 2021. The as new Demag cranes have a lifting capacity of 3200kgs per crane each. Our Reference numbers is AG439.

One crane is around 10,115mm wide and the other around 15815mm. Each crane is stooled up around 400mm to higher hook height. Full measurements, photographs, drawings and videos can be emailed of both cranes and the gantry if they are of interest to you.

The cranes have the latest model Demag DMR wire rope hoists, including 2 lifting and lowering speeds for a smooth and safe material handling experience. Travel in the down shop direction of the OHTC’s is also inverter controlled. In addition they can be provided with a free standing gantry supporting steelwork system.

Each crane is fitted with the latest Demag pendant control.

Gantry Details.

We have a little over 34 meters of down shop gantry that can be supplied with either crane. Most pitches between the steel crane upright columns are around 6000mm, some are little less and the odd over over.

Floor to rail height is 3786mm.

Rail Size 356x171mm.

Overall height of the cranes are 4560mm in the centre.

Crane reference AG439.

REF: AG439 Reading
SPAN: Enter 10.1 and 15.8 meters spans.

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