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Secondhand Demag Crane For Sale

Secondhand Demag Crane For Sale, Moreover, we have an identical pair and gantry steelwork.

Secondhand Demag crane for sale. We have just taken into stock a pair of barely used 5000kgs SWL Demag gantry cranes, likewise the steelwork. The span is currently 19500mm but we can shorten it, therefore, it will fit perfectly tour factory’s rails. The hoist is a low headroom Demag DMR wire rope hoist, the cranes are in excellent condition, whats more have a full warranty. This hoist has a hook loss of only 398mm, giving 4582mm hook to floor.

In addition the crane also is available with a 31.6 meters free standing gantry system. The crane is 2 speeds all motion, that is 2 speed lifting and lowering, and two travel speed; fast and slow.

Crane dimensions and full technical details.
  • Wheel centre span 19500mm, hence covering most factory floors.
  • Beam depth 797, including festoon brackets on the top.
  • Height of lift (HOL) available on the rope drum; 6,000mm, (6 meters)
  • Down shop traveling length: 31.6 meters. 6 meter pitches plus a cantilever of 1000mm one end and 600mm the other. Drawing available.
  • Floor to rail height; 4890mm, in addition is had a 50x50mm solid on top.
  • Supporting steel column base plate size; 550mm x 350mm.
  • End carriage mounting; side mounted (in shear on the side of the beam), 3150mm wheel centres.
  • End carriage make; Demag, in addition is was built by Demag Germany.
  • Hook top floor if sold with this steelwork 4582mm. Clear height under the crane beam, 5002mm.
  • Crane weight 4222kgs.
  • Hoist weight 344 kilos, coupled with 2 speed movements for smooth movement of loads.

The weights and sizes above will help your civil engineers to decide, chiefly if your factory floor is suitable to support a free standing overhead crane.

secondhand demag crane for sale

5t secondhand demag crane for sale

Lastly Flex MRX radio remote control option available, offering load control at a safe distance..


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REF: AG466
SPAN: 20m span x 37m free standing gantry, 3.7m hook height

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