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60t Konecrane With 2 Hoists For Sale

60t Konecrane With 2 Hoists For Sale.

We have a Konecrane with 2 hoists for sale. 60t safe working load over 2 hooks. This was originally supplied as a 60 tonne Street crane but it had both of the hoists replaced. The new hoists were 2 new more up to date Konecranes hoists. NOW SOLD AND INSTALLED IN BRIDGEND. More used Konecranes always wanted.

The 2 hoists can work in tandem with an A, B or both option via a joy stick radio remote control ,therefore lifting and turning dies and moulds is easily controlled. Even though the safe working load of the crane is 60 metric tonnes the hoists are rated at 50t and 30t. The span of the crane is 25,450mm, however we can shorten this. Kone Radio remote control can be fitted to this crane.

Offered as a 60t safe working load crane over two hooks, however with a little modification we can sell it as with one hoist, as a 50t crane or a 30t crane.

Crane reference AG442.

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REF: AG442
SPAN: Span 25450mm rail centres

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