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Used Konecranes For Sale Single Girder

Used Konecranes For Sale Single Girder. 5t SWL

We have in stock a pair of second hand 5t SWL single girder used Konecranes.

We have just removed 10 second hand Kone’s 7 x 3.2t and 3 x 5t, from a Midlands based factory after the client moved to South Yorkshire.

How wide are the 5 tonnes safe working load cranes?

Currently the cranes are only 7020mm span. This is classed are tiny for a crane of 5t lifting capacity. This can be easily be altered by swapping the crane beam for a new wider crane beam, up to 12600mm in span. The crane bogies or end carriages are 1800mm wheel centres. We can even swap the refurbished rope hoist for a new one or a more economical 415v 3 phase electric chain hoist.

How much does a 5t gantry crane weigh, at 10 meters wide/long?

The cranes at 10,000 width would weight 1800kgs.  At 12 meters wide it would be nearer to 1969kgs. Weights are based on single girder design specification.

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REF: AG421-6
SPAN: 7020mm currently to 14000mm wide with a new beam.

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