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Secondhand Kone Cranes

Single girder secondhand Kone cranes. 5t, 3t and 2 ton safe working loads.

We have just removed 9 secondhand Kone cranes from a factory in Coventry, a former supplier to JLR.

How are the gantry cranes removed?

We removed each crane with a 6t safe working load fork lift truck, moreover using a certified lifting jib attachment. They also had two scissor lifts on site to assist while working at height. Once lifted down the cranes have the end carriages, electrical festoon and crane control panels removed for easy storage. The beams are stored outside in the yard while the hoists, carriages and panels are stored inside, thus remaining dry.

Can I make a second hand gantry crane wider?

Currently the 9 cranes are 7m span. This can be altered to reach up to 12.6m (12600mm) span if required as the end carriages are 1800mm wheel centres. We keep to a maximum of 1/7th of the end carriages wheel centres for the cranes maximum span. Therefore a 1800mm wheel based pair of end carriages will suit a crane width of up to 12,600mm span.

How long does it take to remove an overhead crane?

We had allowed three days to remove all 9 cranes pictured, whats ore we told the client 4 so he was happy. However on arrival at site on a Wednesday morning the seller informed us they close at lunchtime on Fridays. Luckily it wasn’t an issue as all 9 cranes were removed, dismantled and loaded to transport by the Friday morning.

Delivery, supporting steelwork, installation, load testing and commissioning available on request with these 3200kgs secondhand Kone cranes, conversely we can offer a bespoke package.

How much does a 3.2t crane weigh, at 7 meters span, whats more, are they easily installed?

At 1300kgs at their current span the cranes are easily installed in a day, onto existing tracks. At 12 meters wide it would be nearer to 1769kgs. Weights are based on single girder design.

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secondhand Kone cranes,. 3200kgs and 5000kgs

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SPAN: 7 meters up to 12.6 meters.

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