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Demag Gantry Crane

New Demag Gantry Crane for Sale

We have a brand new and unused Demag gantry crane for sale. It will be removed from a factory in Aylesbury at the end of May 2021.

The SWL of the Demag double girder ZKKE crane is 16 metric tonnes. It is fully loaded with extras including a radio remote control and inverter controls in all three axis’.

16t SWL Gantry Crane Specifications.

Safe Working Load; 16,000 kilos  (16 tonnes).

Crane weight 11830 kgs, of which the hoist weighs 1336kgs.

Rail centre span 22,376mm.

How fast is the 16 tonnes SWL gantry crane?

Lifting speeds 022 to 4.3 meters minute via an inverter.

Cross travel speeds; (across the beam) 3 to 30 meters minute via an inverter.

Long travel speeds; 4 to 40 meters minute controlled via an inverter.

More details to follow next week.

REF: AG430
SPAN: 22376mm rail centres, 1043mm rail to top of hoist, hook 286mm above the beams, beam thickness 1080mm.

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