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60 tonne crane. Twin Lift Abus Crane; now SOLD.

APOLOGIES; THIS 60 tonne crane is now sold. More used cranes wanted.

We have for sale a 60t SWL Abus as new crane. around 18 months old. The crane has 2 hoists each capable of lifting 40 metric tonnes, or a combined 60 tonnes over 2 rams horn hooks.

This crane was dismantled and removed from the site June 2022. A nice man from Liverpool bought it and we loaded it straight onto his lorry, whats more he saved money tasking it from site.

The crane has the following additional features:
  • Control operated from floor level via radio remote control: The control is operated from floor level with a radio remote control, type HBC Spectrum. The system consists of transmitter with joy-sticks and lap belt, receiver on the crane as well as 2 sets of rechargeable batteries with charger. A replacement radio transmitter is also supplied.
  • Individual radio remote control and selector switch, and a spare handset: The radio control transmitter is provided with separate control elements for individual control of each hoist and/or each trolley. Motions in opposite directions are possible. Additionally, the control has a selector switch with “individual – joint operation” for the respective operation of the hoists. This crane has been approved for load turning, but must only be carried out by personnel trained for this specific task.
  • A replacement control via push button pendant is supplied as back up to the radios.
  • A signal lamp is fitted to the crane, indicating the radio control system is operational and connected via radio signal.
  • A horn can be activated on demand by pressing a button on the radio handset.  Sound level is 108DB at the source.
  • The crane is painted to ABUS standards colours. Main girder and end carriages in RAL 1007 – Daffodil Yellow; Crane panel and drives to RAL 5017 – Traffic Blue. Total DFT is 70 microns.
  • Collision protection for cross travelling between the hoists; as the trolleys approach each other they will automatically slow down and then stop prior to touching.
  • Limit switches are fitted to all travel motions to automatically slow the crane and trolley to their lowest travel speed and then stop them when in close proximity of their physical end stops.
  • Special construction under the hoist frame, hence the crab units prevent the ropes from catching during load turning. This feature only protects the ropes and hoists during load turning and is not a solution to prevent damage caused from side pulling.
  • The hoists are fitted with Ramshorn style hooks, in conclusion slinging is made easier.
  • ABULiner inverters are fitted to all travel motions. Speeds are shown on the attached crane drawing.
What Are The specifications and Dimensions For an Abus Overhead Crane?

Type; Double girder crane

Year of manufacture; 2018 Abus 60t (40t/40t) twin girder overhead travelling crane.

Span or width from rail to rail = 244000mm, weight 30,800kg. The hoists weight 3,600kg per hoist.

Maximum rope length 15000mm. currently 10535mm hook to floor.

Overall height 12290mm.

Two 40 ton hoists which can lift 60 tonnes in tandem with rams horn hooks, therefore good for low turning. FLEX radio remote control options available.

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SPAN: 24400mm span. Overall height 12290mm, hook to floor 10535mm. Down shop length to be confirmed.

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