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6.3t Goliath Crane For Sale, Brand New

Second hand 6.3t tonne Goliath Crane For Sale, Offering Huge Saving Against A New Goliath Crane.

MASSIVE savings on the price of a new Goliath crane for sale. Spanning 10,510mm wide. With an overall height of 5600mm and hook-to-floor height of 4300mm, consequently allowing lorries to be loaded with ease. Currently complete with a new 6.3t Street Crane company wire rope hoist, alternatively, we can supply used hoists or other makes.

  • Radio remote option available, thus, distancing yourself from the load and protecting staff.
  • Inverter travel motors, offering smooth load movement.
  • New Street or SWF hoist options, offering a full warranty.

We can also supply floor rails to go with this Goliath crane, complete with 50×50 solid bar on top.

Please contact us if this is something that you are looking for.

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If this isn’t the crane for you please visit our overhead crane search engine, to view over 100 overhead cranes.  Additionally have 4 large 10t goliath cranes arriving within the next 2 weeks. in addition to this 5t SWL crane.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib and hoist sales, as well as, crane training, installation, testing, repairs, servicing, maintenance even; Leicester, Tipton, Letchworth, Derby, Rochdale, Hucknall, Warwick, and The New Forest.

Finally, if you did not find the crane that you were looking for on this page, visit our Overhead Crane stock list, or call us on 01527, 894825. We don’t charge for a chat, yet!

goliath crane for sale

goliath crane for sale


Lastly, visit our YouTube page, to view videos of Goliath cranes in operation.

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