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Goliath Cranes

Goliath Cranes.

Three 10 tonnes safe working load goliath cranes for sale, offering massive savings over new. Allowing excellent lifting heights, for vehicle loading and currently being removed from Rainham Steel. Designed for floor running, hence they do not require crane columns or support steelwork. They are perfect for use on long runs, therefore guaranteed to save you money.

One is a 28.5 meters wide, double girder goliath 10t SWL, and 2 x single girder 10t SWL’s 21 meters span. These cranes (JS1) can be loaded at site at a reduced price, what is more, they are available right now.

goliath cranes

goliath cranes


These cranes are designed to run outdoors furthermore, they are fully weather proofed. Goliath cranes prove excellent in stock yard environments. Delivering these goliaths will require a movement order from the ministry of transport, however, this is included in the price.

If you wanted a smaller, larger of different type crane, rather than this one, please visit our crane stock search engine. In addition we have just purchased 2 more 3.2t and 6.3t goliath cranes from Glasgow.

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SPAN: 21 and 28.5 meters span.

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