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Balkancar Podem Cranes BCP hoists

Balkancar Podem Cranes BCP hoists.

Balkancar Podem Cranes, Bulgaria. We are the UK and Ireland stockist and suppliers of BCP cranes and hoists. We can supply wire rope hoists from 1t SWL to 50 tonnes safe working load. The range includes hoists for single girder cranes as well as crab units for double girder cranes. Both standard headroom and low headroom hoists are also available.

Hoists for monorail cranes or single girder cranes are usually stock items. Crab units for double beam crane, if replacing an old hoist, need to have the crab gauge checked prior to an order being placed. We can bespoke make them for you, and manufacturing time is usually in 7-8 week to for bespoke crab gauges. The standard gauge of 1000 mm usually has a quicker delivery.

The hoist below needed so much money spending on it pass its Report of Thorough Examination, it became uneconomical to refurbish. It was actually cheaper to supply a new crab until with a specific gauge, to match what the crane was set at, than it was to seek old old expensive parts.



twin beam crane




Below is the new hoist. We also painted the old crane beams RAL 1007 yellow, to complete the crane makeover, in 2 weeks. It was a stock hoist from Balkancar Podem, while other suppliers were quoting 12 weeks delivery.

Balkancar Podem Cranes

Balkancar Podem Cranes

We also stock SWF (Konecranes) Demag, Stahl and Street Cranes hoists, uniquely we are able to offer a range of hoists.

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