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What power supply do I need prior to an overhead crane being installed

What power supply do I need prior to an overhead crane being installed?

The power supply, or its readiness is one of the most important parts to think about after ordering a new overhead crane. It is also the part that goes wrong most often, during the installation of an overhead traveling crane. Always ask your crane supplier “what power supply do I need prior to an overhead crane being installed?” If you have ordered an overhead crane, please ensure you ask this question.

Often no power is available, or the client’s electrician doesn’t arrive on site while the installation is taking place to provide power to the buzz overhead crane buzz bar. Not thinking about the power supply can be costly as the installation team cannot finish the crane test, and a return visit would be chargeable.

What power supply do I need prior to an overhead crane being installed

Know what power you need to drive an overhead crane

The following is on all of AG Cranes electric overhead traveling crane quotations:


The client is responsible for ensuring power is available, via a motor rated fused isolator and connected to the crane buzz bar; positioned at one end, or very occasionally in the centre of the gantry support steelwork, 1300mm from the floor, so it is easily accessible.

The cranes 415v power supply needs to be fed from a suitably protected cable (SY cable, not steel wired armoured) to a termination box, positioned at crane level to allow termination into the crane buzz bars. Your electrician needs to perform the connection of power to the buzz bar before the overhead crane can be tested.

The power requirements are usually either a 32amp or 64amp motor rated fused isolator – 415v 3-phase and earth. The power must be complete prior to the crane installation team arriving on site. Your qualified electrician should be asking for this information before the crane is delivered.

Crane manufacturers usually arrange for your electrician to arrive on site around 4 or 5 hours after the columns have been installed and a piece of buzz bar has been fitted so it can be connected to. The crane installation team can carry on erecting the crane steel from this point.


How does the lack of power cause a crane installation to go wrong?

The lack of power simply means the crane cannot be moved, in any direction. In addition the crane and gantry be tested. Usually gantry crane suppliers charge for a return visit to complete the crane testing. Click here to learn more about crane buzzbar.

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power supply

power supply

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