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Monorail crane for sale

Monorail crane for sale.

We have an unusual example of a monorail crane for sale. Often also known as goalpost cranes, or even, they get called stationary A-Frame cranes. The supporting base plates are bolted to the ground, ensuring a stable load. This example is 8 tonne Safe Working Load over two hooks (5t/3t) Kone monorail crane, allowing smooth lifting of wide loads.

Stationary monorail cranes only lift and lower in 2 axis’s, unlike overhead cranes, however, for smaller workshops this is ok. Lifting, lowering as well side to side movement is available chiefly for lifting on and off workstations.


Monorail crane beam flange width 300mm, hence a a good lifting height is achieved.

Crane beam length is a huge 11700 mm, giving a wide access for fork lift trucks.

Base plate 400 mm X 400 mm, allowing even spread of the load.

Crane reference number AG299-3.

If the monorail workstation crane above isn’t the right size for you we can quote a new bespoke one, rather than offer used.

We carry out UK, and Europe wide crane site surveys, if an order is placed, in addition to annual servicing, and 24 hour maintenance backup should it ever be required.

If required we can also offer full crane drawings including over turning moments, bolt embedment depth, and even pull out forces.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib crane and hoist sales in addition to, site surveys for gantry steelwork, training, crane installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even in; Rochdale, Spilsby, Leicester, Great Yarmouth, Smethwick, Wednesfield and Rushden.

Lastly, 10 things you should know before you use an overhead crane.

monorail crane for sale

Monorail crane for sale

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REF: AG299-3
SPAN: 11700mm

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