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Crane Gantry Tracks For Sale. 5 tonne capacity

Crane Gantry Tracks For Sale. 5 tonne capacity.

We have hundreds of tonnes of crane tracks in stock, in our Northants crane manufacturing base.

The latest addition to our huge stock is a Kone Crane built crane track, free standing lifting system, or simply put, crane gantry tracks and columns.

These particular “as new” cranes tracks housed a 5t SWL Kone built crane, in Cannock since 2012.

They come with 30 meters per side in 6 meter pieces, 4200mm floor to rail. That is 10 rails and 12 columns pieces in total. We can also provide you with new or a used overhead travelling cranes (OHTC’s) to go with the tracks, crane buzz bar, crane radio remote control, as well as a full installation service. In essence a turnkey crane package.

All of our gantry tracks for cranes can be altered, prior to installation I.E. shortened to fit your workshops specific length requirements and height requirement’s.

These tracks are suitable to be fitted to tied back or free standing crane support steelwork or fitted to knee joints on your buildings uprights.

How Heavy Are Crane Tracks?

The tracks for the 5t crane weigh 620kgs (kilograms) each, in 6 meter pieces. This includes the 40×40 solid bar welded on the top that the cranes end carriages run on.







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REF: AG401
SPAN: 42,000mm per side, 4200mm floor to rail.

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