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6.3 tonne Steelwork AG446

We have for sale a pair of 6.3t used overhead cranes, and each of them can be supplied with 30m of free standing steelwork. Unfortunately the steelwork was sunk into the concrete so we will have to add new base plates to all of the columns and re-spray them prior to being sold. If you require crane 6.3 tonne Steelwork,  AG446 call us today.

Steelwork dimensions;

  • The steel is in 6 and 7 meter pitches.
  • Crane column height 5140mm.
  • Rail size, 457x191x82 kilos a meter.
  • Solid bar on the rail is 50x50mm.
  • Overall height of the rails and the solid bar 600mm.
  • Floor to rail height 5690mm. Allowing for a new base plate, maybe a little more.
  • Floor to underside of the crane rails 5140mm.

The crane supporting steel can be supplied in any colour but is usually painted RAL 5017 blue. We also offer delivery, installation and testing, servicing, and upgrades including crane anti-collision and radio remote controls.


6.3 tonne Steelwork AG446

6.3 tonne Steelwork REF AG446

Details of the two cranes for sale: https://www.agcranes.com/product/6-3-tonne-double-girder-demag/


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REF: AG446
SPAN: 30 meters long.

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