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10 tonnes Used Street Crane For Sale

We have been asked to sell this 10 tonnes crane on behalf of a customer. It was only first installed in 2017. It was manufactured in the United Kingdom, by Street Crane Company, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.

This as new, 10t safe working load, Streetcrane currently has square ends on the crane beam, but we can chamfer or snipe the ends to gain you up to another 500mm in height reproving your roof has a central apex.

This single girder overhead traveling crane has 2 speeds lifting, lowering, and cross and long travel. another option is free standing supporting steelwork or on knee joints on your building if required in its new home. We offer a full delivery, installation, commissioning and testing service, in addition to just supplying cranes. If you are installing your own rails please leave 1475mm for the crane and end carriages to run on between the rails and the buildings haunch. If you need to the hook approach is 940mm on the buzz bar side and 865mm on the opposite side.

The Hoist. REF JS3

The hoists “C dimension” or hook loss, from the crane beam to the bowl of the hook at its highest position is 621mm. The top mounted end carriage total length is 3616mm buffer to buffer, with a wheel base of 3200mm.

The crane can be supplied with a radio remote control or a back up pendant, we can also offer long and cross travel limits.

10 tonnes crane

10 tonnes crane

10t overhead crane details in full.

Crane weight; 6467 kgs

Hoist weight: 928 kgs

Lifting Speeds: 4.3 and 1.1 meters per minute.

Cross travel traverse speeds: 20 to 20 meters per minute via and inverter control ramp and hold.

Long travel speeds: 3.2 to 32 meters per minute via and inverter control ramp and hold.

Maximum force on long travel end stops = 28.6 kN. (Kilo newtons).

Classification M5.

A: To be used at ambient temperature between -10 to + 40 degrees. No heating such as furnaces or radiant panel heaters should be nearby.

B: Use is in clean, still air environment, of normal humidity, (maximum 90 RH) and free from contamination and deposits.

Crane Reference JS3.

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Site Surveys.

AG Cranes carry out UK crane site surveys, if an order is placed, as well annual servicing, and 24 hour maintenance backup should it ever be required.

We can also offer full crane drawings, including over turning moments, bolt embedment depth, and pull out forces.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib crane and hoist sales, as well as site surveys for gantry crane steelwork, crane training, crane installation, servicing, testing, repairs, maintenance even in; Tortworth, Grimsby, Nailsworth, High Peak, Stroud, Bogner Regis, Horsham, Southwater, London, Hastingwood, Mitcham, Shenfield, Moreton and Knotty Ash.

In addition crane upgrades are a specialty of ours therefore you may not need to buy a new crane. From a new hoist, buzz bar, radio remote control updates or even a new paint job!

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10t Street Crane PDF.


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SPAN: 20,654mm wide, by 30 meters long. Hook to floor 6.104 meters.

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