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ABUS Crane

ABUS crane for sale. Service clock states 44 hours of use.

ABUS crane for sale. 6.3t safe working load single girder overhead crane, slightly use hence hugh savings over new.

(S/N. 110-023389) is type ELV 6,300kg, hoist type GM2063 H6-201.41.093.E and has a span of 4,850mm, with a hook path of 6,478mm.




Lastly, visit our YouTube channel to see some of our SWF Cranes in use. Finally take a look at our used cranes for sale page.

REF: REF AG511. Please quote when emailing us.
SPAN: 4850mm wide and 8800mm long. Approx 6.4 meters hook to floor. Drawing available.

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