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What is an EOTC?

What is an EOTC 

An EOTC or an EOT crane is the abbreviation most commonly used in the lifting gear trade for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes, or OTC, overhead traveling crane. These are the most common type of overhead traveling cranes. They consist of parallel runways beam on either side of your factory with a travelling bridge beam spanning the gap that has a hoist suspended on or on smaller sizes from it. EOTC’s  are powered by 3 phase 415v electricity, and run in the roof of a factory. They do not travel on the road, and are not to be confused with mobile cranes or tower cranes on the Benidorm skyline.

Electric overhead traveling cranes can be used outside with upgraded buzz bar but most commonly erected inside warehouses and industrial applications. EOTC’s carry heavy objects in an X,Y,Z axis’ to wherever they are needed across and along a factory floor. This is done within what the material handling trade would call “the crane envelope”. An EOTC can also be used for the lifting long or awkward loads when they need to be picked and placed or loaded onto a vehicle for transport.

EOT cranes are constructed from a single or double girder beam design. Single girder cranes are structurally lighter and are an easy install option. Double girder cranes are usually used on larder safe working load cranes or very wide spans. They can often provide better headroom and overall hook height, depending on the roof angle and shape.

Below, we recently supplied 15 single girder EOTC’s (cranes) to a Liverpool FC supporter, who insisted they were painted red!



People also ask “can overhead cranes be supplied used, and is there a market for used cranes?” Yes as well as new we can supply used cranes. We can even supply a used crane bridge beam and put a brand new hoist on it and still offer a full 12 month or 24 warranty, depending on the hoist chosen.

Lastly we get asked if we buy used cranes back? 100% yes! There is a large and thriving market for secondhand cranes in the UK.

Lastly, visit our YouTube channel for more examples of EOTC’s..