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10t Double Girder Crane, Part New Part Used.

10t double girder crane for sale.

We have a pair of used beams at 18 meters span that we can make into a new crane as a fraction of the cost of a full new crane. We will fit the crane out with a brand new hoist, inverter driven end carriages, panel and complete festoon system. We can even supply the support steel work and offer installation and test also.

You can even chose the make of hoist. We can offer Street, Demag, Abus or our economically priced imported hoists. It is your choice and depends on your budget.

Crane Reference AG398-1.

Height of lift is between 6 and 9 meters.

Radio remote controls options from under £1000.00.

We can also supply this crane with new or second-hand gantry tracks, (or rails) free standing columns or knee joints, if you wish it to be suspended from your factory structure.

We carry out UK, and Europe wide crane site surveys, if an order is placed, as well annual servicing, and 24 hour maintenance backup should it ever be required.

If required we can also offer full crane drawings including over turning moments, bolt embedment depth, and pull out forces.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib crane and hoist sales as well as, site  surveys for steelwork, crane training, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance even; Becton, London, Birmingham, Dudley, Chesterfield, Newton Abbot, Bristol,  Widnes, and Marlborough

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REF: AG398-1
SPAN: 18,000mm

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