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Demag DC COM Action Hoist

AG Cranes sells the DC COM action hoist range. These are a huge seller for us and we find they suit the needs of many of our customers at a cheap cost.

Demag quality and reliabilty is backed by 12 months warranty. All hoists have a generous 4m height of lift. 125kg to 2000kg safe working loads avaliable.

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Improved FEM classification for longer service life

Simple installation and commissioning thanks to Plug & Lift connections

Reliable operation at higher ambient temperatures.

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Demag currently offer the DC COM action hoist which has double the service life, increased duty factor and higher resistance to temperature. These are classified in the group of mechanisms according to FEM rule 9.511. There are no restrictions for the duty factor at temperatures up to 45 degrees. Demag DC COM chain hoists can also be used at ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees, thus offering customers even more benefits.

The high quality of manufacture, rugged design and simple operation of DC COM units remain unchanged. Fast installation and commissioning thanks to the plug and lift connections are still a characteristic of Demag DC chain hoists. All electric connections are of plug-and-socket design and the chain hoists can be simply attached to a trolley by their folding suspension brackets.

DC PRO chain hoists are also avaliable for users who have even higher requirements of chain hoist performance. Please ask for more details.