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Variable Speed Crane Inverter.

Client Defined Variable Speed Frequency Inverter.

If you have a fixed speed motor we now can help you alter its speeds quickly and efficiently. This breakthrough is revolutionary within the industry and it is expected to be used on many machines world wide, not just overhead traveling cranes. Its perimeters are quite literally endless.

We are now offering you the chance to convert your old single speed crane into an inverter driven variable speed crane. In essence you can choose the traveling, lifting or lowering speed of your crane, and lock or “teach the panel” your new chosen speeds with a key. In the overhead crane industry this breakthrough can be done from the floor without even the need for an access platform. In addition up to 3 speeds can be chosen!

Once the crane control panel has the new inverter fitted, this unique system, will change the way factories use their cranes and machines. It can also save you having to change your crane or hoist as your working process changes over the years.

Now the crane’s traveling speeds can be altered from the floor without the aid of a scissor lift or cherry picker, it is less hazardous to personnel and cheaper to do.

The new variable crane speeds can be set via a radio remote control or pendant operation. If you only need the new speeds for only a few days or weeks while you carry out a particular lifting process or production work. The speeds can be changed back afterwards, free of charge, and it will save you buying new equipment, installation, delivery or testing costs.

This client defined inverter speed system is secure and tamper proof. You will be given a key that will allow you to lock the speeds of your gantry crane or hoist.