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Unwanted telephone calls or emails.

Hi there, if you are trying to sell us or “save us money” on any of the following we don’t need to speak to you as we are already sorted. This is mainly because we are web based company without a factory. Please see below.

Thanks for thinking of us though. Have a nice day.

  • Water. The landlord provides it.
  • Electricity. The landlord provides it.
  • Staff. The MD’s son is a recruitment squirrel at Consilium in Stratford Upon Avon, and we won’t use him; nice though he is.
  • Help with the rates or rate discount. It’s included in the rent.
  • Telephones or call charges. The landlord provide them.
  • Lighting. The landlord provides it.
  • Lead generation. We are all sorted thanks, we don’t need any more inquiries.
  • Diesel or fuel. We don’t use any. Our cranes are electrically driven.
  • Fuel cards. We don’t have company cars.
  • Heating. The landlord provides it.
  • Private health insurance. No thanks.
  • Photo copiers. Sale managers mate provides ours.
  • Insurance. A family friend provides it, and its just been renewed.
  • Web work SEO. A family friend does it for us, sorry.
  • Bank loans. We are very lucky that we don’t need one.
  • PPI. Wow, you should have called last week. We are sorted now!
  • C-bills, or coronavirus/covid19 business interruption loan. We are very lucky that we don’t need one, thanks though.

    Apologies for having to post this, but most days we receive 4 or 5 calls trying to help us “save money”. On the day this page was created we received; 1 lead generation, 1 recruitment, and and 2 water, saving calls before lunch time. Sadly this page is updated almost daily with the list of things we don’t need….

However if you want to buy an overhead gantry crane, please call us.