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Street Crane

Street Crane for sale, moreover we have two of them. 1t or 2t SWL 20 meters wide. Additionally, we have 54 meters free standing gantry system.

Very wide Street Crane for sale, ideal for full factory coverage. REF AG512. UK based Street Crane company are an overhead crane manufacturer. Reassuringly, Street Crane Company manufacture to British Standards in the UK. We currently have 15 used Street Cranes in stock, therefore we can offer huge savings against new cranes. At 2t safe working load this crane and gantry are available now and ideal for fast delivery.

Street Cranes work very well in production line environments. In addition, tool changing and material handling in industrial environments becomes effortless. Given the cranes’ extra width, long loads become easy to manoeuvre using 2 two lifting hooks.


Street Crane

Street Crane

Street Crane Design Details; REF AG512.

Single girder Street Cranes are far lighter than the heavier double girder design, hence they can run on smaller rails.

We cover all parts of the UK for overhead gantry crane, jib and A frame cranes insomuch as, installation, testing, repairs, maintenance notwithstanding; Pembridge, Willenhall, Market Harborough, Mansfield, Christchurch Willenhall, West Derby, Newark, Rochdale, Gloucester, Rock Ferry and Burton upon Trent.

Searching for a larger Street Crane in contrast to a small 2 ton Street overhead crane? Click here for our used 12.5t crane page. In contrast, click here for an overhead crane with 2 hoists and 2 hooks.

Lastly, visit our overhead crane YouTube channel.

REF: AG512
SPAN: 24000mm wide and 54,000mm long

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