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16t Double Girder Crane for Sale

16t double girder crane for sale. Midlands based. We also have crane support steel, new and used in stock.

16t Double Girder Crane for Sale, hence the speedy delivery times. 14 meters span, and it can be supplied at the fraction of the cost of a full new crane. When ordered we can fit the crane out with a used or a brand new SWF hoist. Inverter driven end carriages, panel and complete festoon system. We can even supply the support steelwork, furthermore installation, testing and commissioning can be included.

You can even chose the make of hoist. We can offer SWF, Street, Demag, Abus or our more economical imported hoists. It is your choice, albeit your budget size.

Height of lift is between 9 or 10 meters.

Radio remote controls options from under £1400.00, offering excellent and safe material handling.


16t double girder crane for sale

16t double girder crane for sale

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SPAN: 14,000mm 10 meters HOL.

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