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Abus Overhead Cranes UK Distributor.

AG Cranes are proud UK distributors of New ABUS Overhead Cranes. ABUS Cranes are built in Germany to a very high specification.

ABUS Cranes are currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of standard design overhead cranes, with an annual turnover in excess of £240 million. Currently manufacturing over 5,000 complete cranes per annum together with wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, the ‘HB’ range of light crane systems and pillar jib cranes.

We can supply ABUS cranes in single and double girder, top running and underslung up to 120 tonnes SWL. Cranes widths of up to 42 meters can be easily accommodated. In addition delivery times usually beat  every other crane manufacturer.

Many options are available on new ABUS overhead gantry cranes including:

  • Long travel limits.
  • Cross travel limits.
  • Slow down to stop limits.
  • Single girder (SLK) and double girder cranes (ZLK).
  • Full crane drawings; showing the crane and hoist weight.
  • Design details including; wheel loads, skewing loads, lateral loads, vertical loads, and longitudinal loads.
  • Various FEM groups, power ratings and ambient conditions and temperatures.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Twin lift cranes.
  • Goliath and semi goliath options.
  • Multiple hook path lengths from 6 to 80 meters.
  • Energy chain on the crane bridge for mobile pendant and hoist power supply rather than the older C track systems.
  • LIS-SE ABUS overload device.
  • Visual load displays.
  • Low headroom and ultra-low headroom design cranes.
  • Variable and various speed options.
  • End carriage configuration; 8 different options, and carriage wheel tread size options.
  • Unique ABUS 4 year warranty.
  • Buzz bar and buzz bar mounting options.
  • Support steelwork on the building or free standing can also be supplied for full turnkey projects.

Abus specialise in different duty ratings for cranes; from low duty cranes, medium, or even high duty overhead cranes. As the client you can choose.

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ABUS double girder crane

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