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How wide can an overhead crane be?

How wide can an overhead crane be made?

People often ask “how wide can an overhead crane be?” The average span or width of an overhead crane sold in the UK is usually between 10 and 15 meters wide. Overhead gantry cranes of 18 to 20 meters in width are considered large spans. However cranes at 25 to 30 meters in width are rarer and a lot more costly, because if their size. In addition, moving very wide cranes on the roads will need a movement order. We can arrange subsequent movement orders with the ministry of transport, whenever required.

This huge 35m wide span Single Girder Overhead Crane has a safe working load of 5t. Manufactured by Street Crane Company, we will be removing it from it’s current site in Birmingham early 2023. It will then be for sale, furthermore so will the supporting steelwork.

Cranes this wide are unusual and very expensive. In fact so costly often with spans this wide crane designers opt to have a central row of columns down the centre. This divides the span in half, they then have a crane on each side, thus, reducing the cost considerably. This also helps with the floor depth, as large span cranes can weight up to 10 to 15 tonnes with out the load on them.


What is the maximum span or width an overhead crane can be?

how wide can an overhead crane be?


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